Stage 1 get the best hand you possibly can, lock the dice you want and roll up to 3 times. Getting same hand to times in a row will lower points by half. For example two pair would be 10points first time and 5 the second time.

Ranking is Pair = 5, TwoPair = 10, ThreeOfAKind = 15, SmallStraight = 20, FourOfAKind = 25, BigStraight = 35, FullHouse = 45, FiveOfAKind = 60

Stage 2 train your chicken to fight and level up, set priority defense for higher def and hp, priority offense for spd atk. remember to feed chicken so he keeps his energy up. you have three actions per day and then its back to stage 1. There is also a store that sells attacks and other items for your chicken.

Stage 3 fighting stage rpg battle against 3 enemies they show up every 3 days one by one, defeat all three to win. and the moves are attack.....attacks enemies. defense defends which reduces damage you take. charge doubles your attack next turn. brick wall cancels all damage next turn. Stun stuns your enemy for one turn and leaves him defenseless, poison, poisons your enemy and reduces his hp by 1 every turn.

sorry there wasnt an ingame tutorial guys.$87011